Kikuya Ryokan
It is a small inn with free room meals and 100% natural hot springs

【Official】Kikuya Ryokan

Fukushima / Iizaka Onsen, Heart Warming, Hot Springs Ryokan

100% natural hot springs flow open-air bath is also indoor baths be over!

Outside bath is charter free (30 minutes)

Seasonal homemade cuisine in your room.

Free Wi-Fi, fully equipped.

As a new coronavirus infectious disease prevention measure

  • Fukushima Ryokan Hotel Living Hygiene Association Guidelines

    We thoroughly manage the health of staff, disinfect hands and wear masks.

    Ventilation in the facility, disinfection of guest rooms, bathrooms, tables, door knobs, etc. are performed at any time.

    We have a thorough social distance.

    We request non-contact temperature measurement and disinfection of fingers when visiting the museum.

    Other Fukushima Ryokan Hotel Living Hygiene Association

    We respond according to the guidelines.

Fukushima Prefectural Accommodation Discount will be extended until October 10th

  • Fukushima residents accommodation discount reservation extended to October 10th. Click here for details

    It is an extension of the reservation for Fukushima Prefectural Citizens Discount.

    2022.9.30 Reservation starts from 10:00 on Friday.
    10.From 1st stay to 10.11checkout.

    This time as well, you will need a vaccination certificate in addition to your identity verification documents.

    We accept calls, our website, and each travel agency.

    The lodging subsidies are available for people in Hokkaido, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata, Niigata, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma prefectures.

    ※Please note that the amount of accommodation subsidy and the contents of the vaccination certificate are different from those of residents of Fukushima prefecture.

    For inquiries, please contact Fukushima Prefectural Discount Plus Support Center
    Phone 0570-000-337

Nationwide Travel Support Fukushima Prefecture "Come.” discount is advantageous if you make a reservation from the official website!

  • [National Travel Support Fukushima Prefecture "Come.Click here if you are using the discount! 】

    National travel support from 2022.10.11 Fukushima Prefecture "Come.”The division begins.

    Cautions:Fukushima Prefecture: "Come.For those who reserve a plan eligible for ” discount

    When the reservation for the plan was completed, Fukushima Prefecture said, "Come.” discount is not applied.
    After reservation, move to STAY NAVI service,
    Fukushima Prefecture: "Come.Please follow the procedure for the discount.
    After issuing the coupon, at the front desk you will receive the Fukushima Prefecture "Come.You can get a discount by presenting the discount coupon number.

    If you apply directly by phone, we will process the discount at this facility.

    In addition, this facility is a dealer of coupons common to all regions.
    You can use it as a souvenir or drink.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Information on facilities

    ·Room with 12 Japanese-style rooms(toilet·12 with indoor bath with washstand 2 rooms)
     Free Wi-Fi available

    ※A large room with a capacity of 9 people
    ※Vistas well
    ·Capacity 50 people
    ·Parking lot equipped

    ·2 rooms in the hall(60 square meters·87 square meters)
    ·Ootake public bath man's hot water, Female hot water 1 each
    ·Open-air bath man hot water, Female hot water 1 each

    ·Table tennis field or meeting room 
  • Big party, Private room venue

    Grand Ballroom 87 square meters

    Private Room Room 60 square meters

    We have tables and chairs.
  • Table tennis

    Why do not you try hot-spring table tennis? (300 yen per hour)
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Hotel Name

Kikuya Ryokan


16 Nishihorikiri, Iizaka Town, Fukushima City

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Fukushima Transportation Iizaka Train 20 minutes, Iizaka-Onsen Station about 8 minutes on foot (Free pick up from Iizaka Station available).About 10 minutes by Fukushima Iizaka Interchange car.

Transfer available
Free parking available
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.