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~Four seasons of Fukushima~

  • Plunge into June!

    It will be the season of hydrangea from now on.

    Cherry is delicious!
    There is also an all-you-can-eat plan.

    Hanging sink 100% Natural hot spring baths are a bit sluggish!
    Once in a while to take a bath, tough to beer beer!
    It is awesome (^ O ^)/

  • hydrangea
    Hydrangea in the mountain of Tachi
    Blue is beautiful (^ O ^)
  • Kashiwaoba Hydrangea
    Hydrangea in the rainy season
  • Moth
    It's coming soon! Cherry!
  • The scenery of the front door
    Kashiwava Hydrangea and Owl and Cat Outside Bitchan

Fruit picking

  • Strawberry, January to May, Cherry, June, peach, Late July - early September
    pear, September to early October, Grape, 9, October, Apple, September to early December