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~Four seasons of Fukushima~

  • We have entered the rainy season.
    It's the season when hydrangea is beautiful.
    It blooms beautifully on the mountain of Tachi within walking distance from the hotel.

    The cherries are delicious!
    Juicy and great!
    There is also an all-you-can-eat accommodation plan.

    Hot and humid days continue,
    Why don't you take a hot spring and feel refreshed?
    Beer after bathing is also great!

  • Sweet and juicy! Red gem!
    The cherry season is here!
    There is also an all-you-can-eat accommodation plan!
  • Hydrangea Road
    Mt. Tate
  • 100% natural hot spring
    The baths in this facility are all 100% natural hot springs.

    The public bath created a shallow water.
    Please use such as sleeping bath, foot bath, half body bath.
  • Outer cat Bee and Azalea
    Kikuya Ryokan(= ^ · ^ =)

Fruit picking

  • Strawberry, January to May, Cherry, June, peach, Late July - early September
    pear, September to early October, Grape, 9, October, Apple, September to early December