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~Four seasons of Fukushima~

  • November! 2019 is another two months.
    The best of autumn!
    Fall of appetite, fall of sports, and fall of appetite!

    The apples are delicious and delicious!
    Iizaka apples are juicy and sweet (^ O ^)
    There is also an all-you-can-eat accommodation plan.

    Hanging sink 100% Natural hot spring baths are a bit sluggish!
    Once in a while to take a bath, tough to beer beer!
    It is awesome (^ O ^)/

    *A step was added to the bathhouse in the public bath, and the tiles were replaced.
     There are various uses such as children, footbaths, and half-body baths in the shallows!
  • Large Communal Bath (Men)
    100% natural hot spring
  • Large Communal Bath (Women's bath)
    Take advantage of the shallows.
  • tooling!
    Touring customers. Cool!
    This season is the best!
  • Village of fruit and hot water
    Ripe fruit

Fruit picking

  • Strawberry, January to May, Cherry, June, peach, Late July - early September
    pear, September to early October, Grape, 9, October, Apple, September to early December