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~Four seasons of Fukushima~

  • It was November 2021.

    Autumn of appetite, autumn of sports, and autumn of tourism are deepening!
    The autumn leaves are very beautiful.

    Apples are the best right now!
    There is also an all-you-can-eat apple hunting plan

    The corona vortex has calmed down a lot, but you shouldn't let your guard down.
    This facility welcomes customers with thorough infection control measures.
    Please come with confidence!

    Why don't you take a refreshing bath in a hot spring?
    Beer after bathing is also great!

  • Touring season
    Thank you for visiting us in the hot weather.
    Did you cool down with the Abukuma body?
    To be careful along the way!  
  • Touring season
    May the weather be on your way home! To be careful along the way!
  • Autumn sky walk
    How about driving the Bandai Skyline?
    The best view.
  • Fukushima apples
    It's sweet and delicious!

Fruit picking

  • Strawberry, January to May, Cherry, June, peach, Late July - early September
    pear, September to early October, Grape, 9, October, Apple, September to early December