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~Four seasons of Fukushima~

  • December has arrived.
    It's early and it's been 1 more months this year.

    Christmas and the end of the year are busy days.

    The long-awaited "Michi-no-Eki Fukushima" opened its grand opening on April 27th.
    Please drop in as it is about 10 minutes by car from the hotel.

    This facility welcomes customers with thorough infection control measures.
    Please come with confidence!

    Why don't you take a refreshing bath in a hot spring?
    Beer after bathing is also great!

  • Touring season
    A total of 9 vehicles including Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Kawasaki came.

  • Touring season 
    4 BMWs,3 women inside!
    It's cool to start off right away!
    To be careful along the way(^ O ^)
  • touring season 2
    couple(^ O ^)
    Please take care on your way home.
  • touring season 3
    If you are a couple, please visit us with your friends this time (^^!
    Thank you.
    We hope to see you again! To be careful along the way!

Fruit picking

  • Strawberry, January to May, Cherry, June, peach, Late July - early September
    pear, September to early October, Grape, 9, October, Apple, September to early December