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It is an old-fashioned hot spring inn in 12 rooms surrounded by spa town and green.

  • Take a snapshot and take a leisurely natural hot spring

    You can use it by chartering it for free from the outdoor hot spring of natural hot springs which it takes off.
    By pre-ordering at check-in, you can enjoy luxuriously with Iizaka's hot water with a 30-minute charter per group.
    Family, couple, friends and watching the sky full of stars at night,
    Please enjoy yourself in the morning while being wrapped in clear air and birds' voices.
    You can take a bath in the public bath for 24 hours.
  • ♨ heartily hospitable

    Meals are honored with handmade dishes that truly deliver seasonal ingredients.
    We will bring you up to 5 people to your room.(Dinner only, breakfast is a large hall)
  • ♨ Owl greets you

    By owl loving service manager, not only at the entrance but also everywhere in the facility
    Owl goods are put.
    Owl is said to be "struggling."
    We wish a lot of "Fuku come" even for the guests staying.


  •   【Requesting plan】

      ◎ More than 10 sports, Training accommodation plan
        Hanging out 100% natural hot spring hot spring bath, With male hot shower 5
                             With female hot shower 4
                             Simultaneous bathing possible 15 persons × 2
        Natural hot spring renewal!
        Training meeting room(30 people capacity)Yes.Prepared banquet room preparation.Video equipment available.
        Over 50 people are available for private entertainment (Negotiable)
        Please do not hesitate to contact us for accommodation fee.I will respond to your budget.

        1 Night/ 2 Meals Included
        Elementary school-aged children, ¥ 5,940
        Middle school students, ¥ 6,264
        High school student, ¥ 6,480
        University student, adult, 7,776 yen (Hot spring tax 150 yen)
        Sports boy group Parents, 7,776 yen (Hot spring tax 150 yen)

        A dormitory, Between venues, There is a bus free shuttle service.

      ◎ Various organizations, Relatives, Requests etc.···We will accept banquet at a private room banquet hall.
        Please also contact us as we can arrange for the entire inn of the inn.
         (Contact details, listed at the bottom of the page)

       ◎ One-day hot spring    Large public bath only 600 yen, large public bath + open-air bath 1,000 yen
      【Check in Check out】
      Check in: From 3 PM / Check out: 10 AM